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We are looking for enthusiastic people who love ponies and have experience around them . You may apply if you are over 13 ( but you will need the consent of your parent or guardian and a form must be signed by them for the council ) over 16 do not need the consent of a parent or guardian

Job roles include but are not limited too

  • Feeding ponies
  • Grooming ponies
  • Preparing tack
  • Saddling up ponies
  • Giving briefing to young riders
  • Poo picking
  • Cleaning yard areas and storage areas
  • Lead rein ponies around the trail
  • Cleaning tack
  • Prepare and serve food and drinks at the party hut
  • Clean and tidy party hut

We are looking for flexible people who can work weekends and school holidays however you will not be required to work every weekend or every day in school holidays as we understand you will have other commitments such as sporting events ,school events , exams, and family occasions .

Please email us your cv.

For the avoidance of doubt regarding the rules for children working over 13 please go to the government web site
Under child employment.

Hours of work
Saturdays and school holidays
A child age 13 or 14 years may work for a maximum of 5 hours per day to a maximum of 25 hours per week

A child aged 15 or 16 may work a maximum of 8 hours per day to a maximum of 35 hours per week.

Employment is limited to 2 hours