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What kind of ponies do you have
We only have Shetland ponies as we have years of experience in working with them and very young children. We have the mini Shetland ponies suitable for children from 2½ – 6 and Standard Shetland Ponies ridden by children aged 6 – 10 years old depending on their height. The maximum height for children is five feet one inch and weight restrictions are seven and a half stone

What age can I bring my children
For insurance reasons we cannot accept children under two years of age

What do I have to wear
Warm clothes in the winter months, riding boots or wellies with a small heel. Please also bring waterproofs if it looks like rain. We provide the riding hats.

What should parents wear
If parents would like to walk around the trail with their child and the pony then they can of course do that. Therefore please wear appropriate clothing as it may be muddly in places

Is riding safe
Yes, but of course we are dealing with animals , we provide the children with instructions on how to keep safe around the ponies. A full briefing will be given to parents and children before the start of each party
We are covered by public liability insurance and the surrey heath council who inspect our ponies and their living quarters. However, please be mindful that despite our ponies being well trained ponies can sometimes bite, kick and can be spooked by loud screaming and yelling. Please therefore inform your child to be conscious that they are dealing with an animal and they must take great care around them We take every care to reduce such risks and teach the children how to be safe around ponies.  We are approved by the Association of British Riding Schools and follow their guidelines Our staff are also DBS checked and are trained in first aid and child safeguarding. 

What happens if it is raining.
We still go ahead with the party. All our saddling up is done undercover and the party room has both indoor and outdoor facilities. The only time we may cancel a party is if there are high winds and it is a hazard for both parents and children. If we need to cancel we will inform you ASAP and provide you with an alternative date and time.

My party is themed, can I wear a fairy outfit on the pony
No, your child must wear the correct clothing for the ride. However, your child is free to change after the riding and can have photos with the ponies in their dressing up clothes

My child has special needs can I bring them
Yes absolutely, children with special needs respond very well around animals. If you or they do not wish for your child to ride the pony but want to experience the woodland experience they can still walk the route with a Shetland pony.
They can still groom the pony and have access to the party room.

Where do I park
All parking is in chobham village at the public carpark which is behind the Chobham Rider shop in the centre of the village. If you need to drop anything off such as party food or cakes then please contact us ahead of time so we can give you access to our farm.

Can I bring my dog?
Sadly not, we are not insured to have dogs around the Shetland ponies.

Can I lead the pony that my child is on.
Yes you can, if you have experience around ponies then you may lead your childs pony. If this is the case please inform us before the party.